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Recreational Activities in Copmanthorpe

Copmanthorpe is a detached suburb of York, with 1800 homes and 4,200 residents, so it shouldn't come as surprise that there are plenty of groups and facilities dedicated to our leisure time activities.

The Recreation Centre hosts the Football, Tennis, Bowls and Cricket clubs and provides facilities for Netball, Badminton and many other sports. The Rec's Sports Bar, or to give it its' official title—The Sports & Community Centre, is a regular bar on evenings and weekends, but is also home to The Good Companions, The Yorkshire Countrywomen and an Out of School Club. Copmanthorpe Scouts also have a base at the Recreation Centre, they have their own building in the far corner of the field.

The Recreation Centre came into being in the 1970's. The Royal Oak, The Women's Institute and the Youth Club all predate it, while the Library and The Annexe Coffee Shop are more recent and welcome additions to Copmanthorpe's leisure facilities.

If you are involved with a club in Copmanthorpe and would like information about your organisation's actives on the web site then please use Enquiry Form to contact us with your details.

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