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Askham Richard & Bilbrough

Copmanthorpe - Askham Richard - Bilbrough - Copmanthorpe

This is a short (7 miles) and fairly scenic ride. It is a truncated version of the Healaugh loop with a couple of small diversions to take in scenic villages.

Leave the village centre along Horseman Lane and then left up Horseman Drive. Turn left on to Manor Heath and cycle towards the Flyover. Join the cycle path on the right hand side of the road as the road starts to rise towards the junction. Pass over the dual carragaway on the bridge's cycle path, then cross the bridge road and the slip road from the A64. Take the path a little further and then join the road that run down to the left of the water tower. Cycle down the hill passed the entrance to the college of agriculture and at the bottom of the hill take the left turn following the sign for Askham Richard. The road runs along side the rear of the college and then on into fields.

20 yards after a turn to Bilbrough take the right turn to Askham Richard. When you reach the duck pond you will have cycled around 2 and a half miles and you may want a short break in this scenic village.

Leave Askham Richard by the small road that leaves the main road to the left, on the far side of the duck pond. This road is a little bumpy, but very few bikes will have a problem with it. At the end of this short country lane turn right and then after 200 yards take the left turn to Bilbrough.

This road rises gently and after a couple of bends you are just high enough to enjoy one of the best views in this flat area. To the right you can see over the western side of the Vale of York. The Brewery chimneys of Tadcaster can be spotted easily. Look out for the church towers of Healaugh, Wighill and on a clear day Thorpe Arch and Walton.

At the T junction turn left up the hill to Bilbrough. Once you have passed the cemetery on the left turn right along Main Street. You are most of the way round the ride with around two and a half miles to go, so you think that you deserve a rest at the Three Hares.

At the end of Main Street turn left and take the road out of the village and down to the Buckles Inn. Join the Cycle Path that runs along the side of the A64 and head in the direction of travel. When you reach the Copmanthorpe junction retrace your route back to the village centre.

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